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How do I run Delete query from MySQL?

MySQL DELETE Statement-

MySQL DELETE statement is used to delete data from the MySQL table within the database. By using delete statement, we can delete records on the basis of conditions.

DELETE FROM table_name
(Condition specified);

WHERE cus_id = 6;

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What are the Advantages of Django?

1. Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Support: Django provides a bridge between the data model and the database engine, and supports a large set of database systems including MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, etc. Django also supports NoSQL database through Django-nonrel fork. For now, the only NoSQL databases supported are MongoDB and google app engine.

2. Multilingual Support: Django supports multilingual websites through its built-in internationalization system. So you can develop your website, which would support multiple languages.

3. Framework Support: Django has built-in support for Ajax, RSS, Caching and various other frameworks.

4. Administration GUI: Django provides a nice ready-to-use user interface for administrative activities.

5. Development Environment: Django comes with a lightweight web server to facilitate end-to-end application development and testing.

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What is Platform? Short description on Salesforce App's, App Exchange,, SFDC Community.

Salesforce Applications
Salesforce includes prebuilt applications (or “apps”) for customer relationship management
(CRM) ranging from sales force automation to partner relationship management, marketing,
and customer service. Platform
The platform is the first platform as a service (PaaS), enabling developers to create
and deliver any kind of business application entirely on demand and without software. The
platform also includes easy to use point-and-click customization tools to help you create
solutions for your unique business requirements, without any programming experience.
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Design Philosophies/Myth of Django?

Django comes with the following design philosophies:
 Loosely Coupled: Django aims to make each element of its stack independent of
the others.
 Less Coding: Less code so in turn a quick development.
 Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY): Everything should be developed only in exactly
one place instead of repeating it again and again.
 Fast Development: Django's philosophy is to do all it can to facilitate hyper-fast
 Clean Design: Django strictly maintains a clean design throughout its own code
and makes it easy to follow best web-development practices.

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An overview of C language.

C is a general-purpose, high-level language that was originally developed by
Dennis M. Ritchie to develop the UNIX operating system at Bell Labs. C was
originally first implemented on the DEC PDP-11 computer in 1972.
In 1978, Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie produced the first publicly available
description of C, now known as the K&R standard.

The UNIX operating system, the C compiler, and essentially all UNIX application
programs have been written in C. C has now become a widely used professional
language for various reasons:
 Easy to learn
 Structured language
 It produces efficient programs
 It can handle low-level activities
 It can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms

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How do I fier update query in MySQL?

MySQL UPDATE statement is used to update data of the MySQL table within the database. It is used when you need to modify the table.

Following is a generic syntax of UPDATE command to modify data into the MySQL table:
UPDATE table_name SET field1=new-value1, field2=new-value2
[WHERE Clause]
One or more field can be updated altogether.
Any condition can be specified by using WHERE clause.
You can update values in a single table at a time.
WHERE clause is used to update selected rows in a table.
Here, we have a table "cus_tbl" within the database "customers". We are going to update the data within the table "cus_tbl".
This query will update cus_surname field for a record having cus_id as 5.
UPDATE cus_tbl
SET cus_surname = 'Ambani'
WHERE cus_id = 5;

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